Things to keep in mind about premises liability 

Ever heard of premises liability? Well, it is an accident that occurred at someone’s private property that has injured any guest or visitor visiting their place. One such type of premises liability is known as a slip and fall accident, or when someone trips on the floor due to various reasons such as a broken staircase or handrail, or due to mopping or near the fountain and broken floors, folded flooring or carpets, clumsy wiring, and other reasons which may cause someone to trip and injure themselves. But how can you prevent it? Here is how to avoid slip and fall accidents as advised by a personal injury lawyer Boston

What is premises liability? 

Premises liability is when you are injured at someone else’s property due to their negligence or failure to provide a safe and hazard-free environment for their visitors. However, you cannot claim a premises liability case if you were injured because of your ignorant or irresponsible behavior.

Can you file a lawsuit for premises liability? 

If you are sure that the property owner has failed to offer a safe environment for you and other visitors and that was the reason behind your injury, you are entitled to file a lawsuit against the owner. However, if they informed you about the hazard but you neglected it and got injured, then the case is not valid.

Will you get compensation for premises liability injury? 

Injuries due to premises liability can be minor as well as severe, depending on the degree of the accident that occurred and how much damage you have sustained. You can claim a compensation amount from the property owner to recover your damages.

What to do if you are falsely accused of premises liability?

You cannot provide a safe property to everyone at all times. There may be instances where your property needs repairing and you have some areas which can be dangerous for your visitors. However, if you have informed them about the danger and they were still injured because of their irresponsible behavior but you were accused you can fight for your defense.

You may think a slip-and-fall accident is just a tripping incident that may cause minor injuries. However, something that you are not aware of is that there have been fatalities due to slip and fall accidents. And if the degree of the accident is severe or you fell at the wrong angle, you may end up injuring your head, back, nose, and bones and sustain other severe injuries like concussion. In addition, sometimes people even suffer permanent disabilities due to a slip and fall accident and you should be extra careful at all times dstvportal

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